Practical Common Lisp going into 3rd printing

I just found out that Apress has decided it’s time for a third printing of Practical Common Lisp. If I recall correctly, the first printing was 5,000 copies, the second 3,000 more. New printings are called for when the publisher thinks they’re going to run out of copies to sell to distributors so this must mean I’m not crazy to dream of someday having a 10k-copies-sold party.

This also means now would be a good time, if you’ve read the book and noticed any errors that you’ve not emailed me about, to send a note. If you put “pcl errata” in the subject it’ll make my life a bit easier. Note, however, that this is just a new printing not a new edition. For a new printing we just fix minor typos and so forth so now is not the time to tell me that there should really be a chapter about how to connect to RDBMSes or what have you.


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