Coders at Work questions list

As I mentioned the other day I’ve started working on a set of general questions for my Coders at Work interviews. They are now up on the Coders at Work web site. Some of them are, no doubt, dumb and there may still be some redundancies in the list but it’s a start. As always I’m interested in what other folks think. Are there questions you’d like me to ask some or all of the programmers on my list?1 Email them to me or leave a comment on the Coders at Work comment page.

1. Technically, that’s not really my list; that’s the combined wisdom of the 150+ people who have sorted the complete list of names. Since I’ve seen a number of comments about this list, I should point out that while it’s useful (and fascinating) for me to see how other people rank the programmers on my list, in the end I’ll be making the final decision of who to approach for interviews. So don’t get too upset if you look at that list and see someone way too high or too low for your tastes. If there’s someone you’d really like to see interviewed the best thing to do is to let me know why you think they’d be so interesting to hear from.


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