Coders at Work: looking for information

Since I started work on my new book, Coders at Work, in mid-June, hundreds of people have suggested names of programmers I should interview and helped me sort them in a variety of ways. Thanks! Now, having digested everyone’s feedback, I’m getting ready to contact the folks I think I’d like to interview.

To prepare for this next step, I’ve done a big cleanup of the Coders at Work website and have added a way for anyone who wants to to add information about individual coders in a more structured way than leaving a comment or emailing me. For an example, take a look at Peter Norvig’s page; on the left side of the page is the information I’ve already got and on the right forms where anyone can add more. At the moment most other coders’ pages will have much less information that Norvig’s; my main task now is to rectify that, at least for the folks I’m most interested in interviewing.

With that in mind, adding information about your favorite coder is a great way to increase the chance that I end up interviewing them for the book because a) most people get more interesting the more you know about them and b) the more information I have at hand about someone, the easier it will be to prepare for an interview and with at least sixteen interviews to do, I’ve got to apply a certain amount of tactical laziness.


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