Donald Knuth!

Today I got a phone call from Donald Knuth who has agreed to be interviewed for Coders at Work. Yipee! I’ll be interviewing him later this month. Which means I’ve got half of my sixteen interviewees signed up. The folks who have agreed so far are:

  • Joe Armstrong — Inventor of Erlang
  • Bernie Cosell — One of the main software developers on the original ARPANET IMPs
  • Simon Peyton Jones — Co-inventor of Haskell
  • Alan Kay — Inventor of Smalltalk and object oriented programming
  • Donald Knuth — Author of The Art of Computer Programming and TeX.
  • Peter Norvig — AIer and Lisper, Director of Research at Google
  • Ken Thompson — Inventor of Unix
  • Jamie Zawinski — Author of XEmacs and early Netscape/Mozilla hacker

And my spam filter on the comments page seems to be working well — it has correctly identified as ham the half dozen or so real comments that have been posted since I installed it and unerringly id’d the couple hundred spams that have been posted in the same period.


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