John Carmack and Linus Torvalds, please call your offices.

Things are going well on the Coders at Work front. On Tuesday I did my second interview (with Jamie Zawinski) and since I last posted about signing up Donald Knuth I have added Anders Hejlsberg, Guy Steele, and Dan Ingalls to my list of interviewees. The always-up-to-date list of who’s agreed to participate is on the Coders at Work website.

Two folks I’ve been trying to sign up for a while are John Carmack and Linus Torvalds. I emailed them both a few weeks ago and have pinged them each once since but haven’t gotten any reply. No doubt these guys get a ton of mail and mine may have gotten lost in the shuffle or been eaten by some spam filter. So I come to you, gentle readers, for help. If you happen to be close, personal friends with either of these guys and think, as I do, that their insights into the art, science, and/or craft of programming would be an interesting addition to those of Armstrong, Cosell, Deutsch, Hejlsberg, Ingalls, Peyton Jones, Kay, Knuth, Norvig, Steele, Thompson, and Zawinski, please drop them a line and ask them to get in touch with me.


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