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Coders at Work sweet sixteen

November 26, 2007

Woohoo. It’s all over except the interviewing. And transcribing. And editing. And reinterviewing. And more editing and then the publishing. But I’ve got my sixteen interviewees! I’ve just received an email from Miguel de Icaza agreeing to be interviewed, which fills out my roster. The complete list (in alphabetical order) is:

  • Frances Allen
  • Joe Armstrong
  • Joshua Bloch
  • Bernie Cosell
  • Douglas Crockford
  • L. Peter Deutsch
  • Anders Hejlsberg
  • Miguel de Icaza
  • Dan Ingalls
  • Simon Peyton Jones
  • Alan Kay
  • Donald Knuth
  • Peter Norvig
  • Guy Steele
  • Ken Thompson
  • Jamie Zawinski

There’s some more information about Coders at Work on the website and anyone should feel free to leave a comment if you have thoughts about stuff I should ask these folks.