Lisp implementors/maintainers poll

I’m working on my talk for the upcoming ILC. If you are the implementor or maintainer of a Common Lisp system, I’d love to know if you were involved in the standardization of Common Lisp either in the pre-ANSI period or on the ANSI committee. If you could drop me an email or leave a comment here, telling me who you are and saying whether you were or were not and what implementation you work on, that’d be a huge help. (If you were, please let me know if it was pre-ANSI, ANSI, or both.)


3 Responses to “Lisp implementors/maintainers poll”

  1. Nikodemus Siivola Says:

    SBCL developer.

    Not involved in ANSI or pre-ANSI standardization.

  2. Christophe Rhodes Says:

    As with Nikodemus: SBCL developer, no involvment in standardization processes.

  3. Paul Khuong Says:

    Same, same, same.

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