Slight change of plans

In my first post to this blog I said I was working on a book about programming in groups. A few weeks ago I met with Gary Cornell the CEO of Apress and my editor on Practical Common Lisp to talk about my book idea. His reaction was, more or less, “That’s interesting but I’ve got another book you should do first.” So, as of today I’m working on a book, tentatively titled Coders at Work, which will be a collection of Q&A interviews with interesting programmers.1 It will also be a companion volume to Apress’s recently published Founders at Work by Jessica Livingston, which is a collection of interviews with founders of high-tech startups. I hope soon to have a web site set up where I’ll be putting up pages listing people I’m hoping to interview and collecting suggestions for possible subjects and questions to ask them. I’ll post here when it’s up. In the meantime, if there’s anyone you think would make an interesting interview subject or questions you think I should ask let me know.

1. I’ve been unofficially working on it more or less since I talked to Gary which is why I’ve been remiss in my posting here.


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